Fudge Clean Blonde Damage Rewind Violet Toning Shampoo 250ml (bubbly labels)

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Fudge Professional Clean Blonde Damage Rewind Violet Toning Shampoo; purple toning damage repair purple shampoo.

Instantly erases yellow tones & damage from blonde hair, with Opti-PLEX™ technology for 95% stronger hair*. Don’t choose between toning and repair! This dual-force purple shampoo contains our salon-strength violet micro-pigments that instantly knock out brassy tones, whilst the unique Opti-PlEX™ technology penetrates deep into the hair's core to reconstruct bonds after chemical, styling and environmental damage, as well as weightlessly smoothing the cuticle.

Hair is blonder, 95% stronger*, and 10x smoother with double the softness**. Colour, styling, UV, pollution: what damage?! Developed with FragranceFuse™ technology that infuses each strand of hair with an explosion of fragrance that lasts for 24 hours.

*Tested by breakage **When used with Clean Blonde Damage Rewind Conditioner for the ultimate hair toning and PlEX reconstruction.

Note: The label wrapping the bottle is bubbly. The product in bottle in perfect condition. Examples of the bubbling labels are shown in the images.